UI/UX Designer = Lord Vishnu

UI Design and UX Design, both elements are crucial to the product and entrench closely together, but despite how simple that may have sounded, there are many complications and misconceptions when it comes to the differences between UI and UX design roles. Where UX Design is a more analytical and technical field, UI Design is closer to what we refer to as graphic design.

Both are completely different role and a single person cannot perform both the role successfully, but in India, it is possible to find designers performing both the role and we call them UI/UX Designer.

People in India especially Start-up founders understands the importance of having intuitive experience design for their product so they prefer UI Designers with experience in UX Design or UX Designers with experience in UI Design. They look for designers with both the skills due to their budget constraint which greatly increases the chance of failure of their product.

If you refer to the Job Description for the role of UI Designer or UX Designer in India, you will find most of the skills and the roles are not only combined and tangled, but rather it confuses about the exact requirement of the organization. For eg.

· Conduct effective research, including competitive analysis, user and stakeholder interviews, analytics assessment, and heuristic analysis

· Strong working knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks and associated design tools.

· Create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas.

· Understand various prototyping tools and techniques. Define the Information Architecture (Sitemap Process Flows & Wireframes). Tool Expertise in Microsoft Visio & Excel.

UI/UX Designer = Lord Vishnu

In India, Hindu devotees praise to Lord Vishnu, the God of Everything. Vishnu means the giver and provider of things. He is the Supreme Self and the Lord of the universe, who manifests variously as part of his obligatory duty, holds four weapons — the conch shell, disc and shield. He is all-powerful because he fully possesses several mystic powers.

Similarly UI or UX Designer in India possess the several mystic powers like

· Requirement Gathering with Performing Field Research & Creating User Persona

· Conduct user tests and face-to-face interviews

· Study details analysis and metrics

· Designing wireframes and Prototypes

· Visual Design & Interface Design (Mockups)

· Establish Visual Guidelines and design Style Guides

· Web Page Designing & Typography

UI Designer ≠ UX Designer

“UI” stands for “User interface”. Traditionally, that means the actual buttons, text, and pixels that appear on the screen. So the UI designer would be responsible for everything about how a web site or application appears in the interface — this would include visuals (e.g. “Are the buttons pink or blue?” “Do they have gradients or are they flat?”) as well as overall architecture of the page (e.g. “We should put the Sign Up button at the top of the screen because it’s the most important thing”). — Marci Ikeler

“UX” stands for “User experience”. This is a much broader and higher-level discipline than UI, because it includes not just the interface, but also all the systems and interactions that support it. For example, the UX designer should care about what happens when a frustrated user calls the help desk as well as how pixels appear on the screen. — Marci Ikeler

To know more in details about the UI/UX Designer roles, read the article by WebDesignerDepot.com

In India, organizations mix up these roles and terms and use them interchangeably which leads to fail the user experience for your product. Hiring the right person for the desired job role is very important, for which organizations needs to understand the UI and UX terminology and responsibilities properly before hiring.

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