10 best Prototype design created in Adobe XD

With the rising popularity amongst designers, this intuitive and easy to use interactive prototype application from Adobe is here to stay. Yes, Adobe XD (Experience Design) is replacing Sketch (most used design Application for Mac) in designer’s workstation. With recent enhancements and support for Windows (only Windows 10) platform, more and more designers are trying their hand in Adobe XD and results are considerably great.

Check out some of the great layout design made in Adobe XD. You can find more design on twitter with #MadewithAdobeXD

Adobe XD UI Kit by Creativedash
30 Days Marathon in Adobe XD by Egor Kuznetsov
Samsung Galaxy Gift App Concept by Vuan Nguyen
MLB Radio App by Steven Nelson
Foodies UI Kit by Hannah Milan
Onshore App Design by Dann Petty
Dreamy UI Kit on Behance
Trio UI Kit on Behance
Node Comm. Interactive prototype and Design by Joshua Oluwagbemiga
Windows 10 Explorer by Khalid Hasan Zibon

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